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Glossier- you must have heard of this brand my now. It is our generation's cult beauty brand, like Bobbi Brown is to our parents (and me too, to be fair!). Founded in 2014 by Emily Weiss, who you may know from the blog 'Into the gloss'  this brand has finally landed (online) in the UK. 

At the end of last year, I just by chance saw on Instagram that Glossier was visiting the UK with a pop up shop in Marylebone, so of course it was my only stop that weekend! The space was absolutely beautiful, filled with hundreds of fresh flowers and wow the smell of that place was amazing! Anyway, I ended picking up a few of the most coveted products from the brand, and here is my review!

A creamy, jelly like (obviously), face wash/cleanser with a delicate scent of rose water. Use on dry skin to literally melt away your makeup and grime from the day, to reveal clean, non-stripped and supple skin. 
This has to be by far, my favourite cleanser of all time. 
I use both day and night and my skin has never been clearer, softer and less acne prone. It has truly changed my skin for the better, I will continue to purchase this over and over again. Also, at only £15 this is a must have buy! You can buy here.

Is your skin feeling a little lacklustre? The bounce has gone in these dry winter months? Well this product will be your absolute saviour, trust me. I lather my face up with a thick layer in the evening whilst watching tv, or having a bath, leave on for 20 or so minutes, revealing THE most moisturised skin I have ever had. Its literally glowing after this stuff! I try to remember to use at least twice a week, as it really does wonders for me.
Price? £18  - Get yours here!

This is clay mask, but don't think of those harsh, drying, spot tempting clay masks that fill the beauty sphere these days. This is gentle and nourishing, whilst still balancing and clearing your skin. I use this maybe once a week, usually on a Sunday, before I go in with the Moon Mask. I've looked into the ingredients of it, and it's full of leafy greens, orange peel, white clay, avocado oil & aloe, and a super fruit antioxidant blend- lovely!
Price? £18 - Get yours here!

What are my next picks?

What are yours?

Lil’ Black Boots


Happy New Year!

I have many holy grail products, I love beauty remember! However, I have managed to narrow it down to six products I couldn't live without. So here goes!

A very simple product, but one that has totally saved me from a reactive bout of acne back in October. I use only this, both day and night at the moment, and the stripped back routine has really worked wonders.

This has been my favourite foundation for who knows how long, 10 years maybe!? It is full coverage, doesn't break me out, and stays put absolutely all day. 

This is a newbie to my collection, however wow, just wow. The perfect bronze that isn't orange, brightens up my face and is also simple to contour with. Totally mistake proof!

This might seem a bit out there for a yearly round up, but I honestly wear this every day. It may look a *little* scary in the packaging for day to day, but it is so buildable and wearable. I go in with the redish shade all over the lid and highlight the inner corner. For evening looks I do the same but just darken up the crease!

Want something that takes all of your makeup off in seconds? And I mean, seconds. This is it, just rub over dry skin, all over (including eyes) and it melts everything away. Simply swipe with a hot flannel and you're done. I will never be out of this stuff! Back up already purchased.

I have an entire post on its way about Glossier, but for now, know that this cleanser, although probably the newest to my collection, is my favourite of all time. I saved the best till last of course! I use this after take the day off in the evenings, and every morning. Since using my skin has never been so clear, soft and even. Highly recommend my friends, and only £15!

What would your 2017 favourites be? Are there any from here you would like to try out in 2018?

Lil’ Black Boots

Hello October! 
My favourite month of all time, time to bring out the jumpers, candles and have far too many evening baths (and red wine). This month is a busy but exciting one:

01. Go on holiday! October is the month that we finally get to go away. We're off to Kos, in Greece, for a relaxing all inclusive week off work. I hope the weather stays nice, but I plan on doing absolutely nothing except reading 3 or 4 books and lying in the sun for the entire trip. Bliss!

02. See Little Mix! Rob's Christmas present to me last year was tickets in Leeds for Little Mix, so we're heading up to stay in our friend's new home and boogey the night away. I know, I know, Little Mix... but I love them ok! Plus combining it with getting to see the dreamy interior of Matt & Sarah's new home, it's an opportunity not to miss. 

03. This Works: Sleep Solutions with Carly Rowena. Carly has teamed up with the lovely brand This Works and Nick Littlehales, a leading elite sleep coach to help us through the importance of maintaining good sleep. Hosted at the Hoxton hotel in Holborn, I'm off with Ellie and excited is an understatement!

04. Head to Boston! Another work trip to Boston to round the month off, it'll be a busy one but hopefully I manage at least one cheeky trip to the shop of all shops- Sephora!

What are you up to this month?

Lil’ Black Boots

So this was meant to be posted in September, but guess who got ill and was bed bound for a week!? Then recovering, then got a bout of the lazy arse syndrome... So here is my birthday post, not on my birthday, but hey I didn't want to waste it!

26 life lessons for my 26th birthday

1. Surround yourself with real friends- quality is better than quantity
2. Mums always know best
3. Pets make the world a happier place
4. Have a work/life balance
5. You don't need everyone to like you
6. There is time to do 'adult' things- I don't have to buy a house just yet!
7. Enjoy the little things
8. Do something you love every single day
9. Make decisions right for you, not to please someone else
10. Clean bed sheets make any day better
11. Look after your mind & body- it's not a crime to look after yourself
12. Take time to be alone sometimes, the best things can come from having some time to think
13. Don't compare your chapter 1 to their chapter 10 (I wrote about this back on my 25th birthday)
14. Be kind, always- you don't know what personal battle they are fighting
15. Meet new people
16. It's ok to not know where you're going sometimes
17. Go exploring
18. Good manners should never be forgotten
19. Drink more water!
20. Always wear SPF on your face, the older you will thank you one day!
21. If you don't ask, you don't get
22. It's ok to fail sometimes
23. Pools are better than the beach 
24. Being organised and tidy makes me feel a lot less stressed (take note Katie)
25. A bubble bath and a glass of Prosecco can pretty much cure anything
26. Dream big and go the extra mile

Despite being ill (and an unplanned nap break in between)   Emma (my twin) and I went off to brunch in Putney, and then to the Decleor Boutique Spa on Westbourne Grove to have a mini facial and deep tissue massage- birthday treats are definitely the best!!

Dress- Zara
Shoes- Converse
Bag- Zara
Watch- Olivia Burton

Lil’ Black Boots

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