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Review | Hourglass Surreal Lighting Edit

Firstly, have you ever seen such a beautiful palette, ever? Perfectly packaged in marble with subtle gold lettering, and then the most stunning products hidden inside.

I have had the pleasure of owning this since Christmas, and have used it every single day since. Hourglass have always been a high end brand that I have admired (see my previous review here), and the addition of this product doesn't disappoint.  

This is a complete face palette, offering everything you need for a glowy makeup up look: 
Surreal Light- a sheer nude powder that provides that 'perfect lighting' look
Surreal Bronze Light- a subtle warm bronzer that I use for contouring
Surreal Glow- a pale peony pink blush for the perfect flush of colour
Surreal Effect- a pink rose blush for that pop of colour (my least used item to be honest)
Surreal Strobe Light- the ultimate highlight of all time!

All shades are designed to give you everything you need for a glowy makeup look, my version of which you can see below! I wear this look pretty much every day as all of the powders are so easy to blend which is perfect for that quick look before work. I pair the look with a slight winged liner (pretty awful in these photos, sorry!), a subtle filled in brow, and my favourite Lancome juicy shaker lip oils. 

You can shop the palette here for £69:

Will you be treating yourself?

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 Philip Kingsley Flakey/Itchy Scalp Shampoo & Toner review

An embarrassing problem right? Sure it's a pain, but 1. It shouldn't be (it happens to the best of us) and 2. Philip Kingsley doesn't think so, it's right there on the bottle not hidden around the back in small print. 

I recently had an allergic reaction to a shampoo, leaving me with a painful and yes.. flakey scalp. So after a few weeks of trying to convince myself that it would fix itself, I finally bit the bullet and found these products having seen Lily speak about them on her Instagram story. 

Its hard to find a shampoo designed for targeting dandruff/flakey scalp that doesn't strip the colour out of your hair, which considering I recently had a trip to Samantha Cusick for balayage I wasn't willing to risk. 
Lily's recommendation didn't disappoint- this is an extremely gentle and soothing shampoo which is mild enough for daily use. It has a lovely apple fragrance too. My scalp is on the mend and significantly less flakey than it was a few weeks ago.

In purchasing this product, I also saw that Philip Kingsley has a flakey/itchy scalp toner. Having never heard of a toner for your scalp I was intrigued so picked up the travel size bottle. This toner has an anti-microbial and anti-flaking formula that claims (and delivers) immediate and long lasting relief from dandruff and irritation. I section my hair into strips and dispense a little all over my scalp, then dry my hair like normal. It doesn't leave any residue is is extremely cooling. This addition has a big thumbs up from me and I will continue to use this just for the soothing nature.

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I'm on the shortlist for the #BlogosphereBlogAwards 2017!

Yes, that's right, Lil' Black Boots has been shortlisted for the Blogosphere Community Award! 
You can vote for me, and your other favourites HERE *wink wink* *hint hint*

If you've been a reader for a while, you will know that it was Blogosphere Magazine that really made me decide to take the plunge and start up Lil' Black Boots. I have every print, they're full of amazing interviews, information and stories that you don't find anywhere else and I've even been to one of their cover reveals!. I've reviewed the magazine here before too. 

This is Blogosphere Magazine's first ever Blogosphere awards, and the nominations have come from you! There are 10 categories including fashion, beauty, food, fitness plus the Blogosphere Blogger of the year! The shortlist is full of some seriously inspiring bloggers so head over and click their links, its an easy way to discover some new reads. Also, whichever fabulous lady wins the Blogger of the year will get to star on the cover of the magazine in the September issue- amazing!

The Community Award which is what i'm shortlisted for, was chosen by the Editorial team and features those of us who either interact on social media, contribute to the magazine, or join in with Twitter chats. It's an honour to have been noticed!

Voting closes on 22nd May so you have 10 days left, Go Go Go!

The awards ceremony will be on June 22nd and winners will be invited to an interview and photoshoot with the Blogosphere Editorial team. Good luck to everyone!

Remember to share with the hashtag #BlogosphereBlogAwards 

I'll have another beauty post up on Monday, so until then, have a browse of the *hopefully* new and improved blog, and remember to let me know if you have voted!

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Exfoliate, moisturise & perfect. The ultimate trio of masks that truly leave you feeling fresh faced. Plus, they smell great too! 

Fresh is a skincare brand that is centred around natural ingredients, igniting the senses but achieving actual results. I picked up this mask trio around Christmas time and have been enjoying them ever since.  

The set includes the popular Rose face mask, designed around hydration and toning. It is a cooling gel formula filled with rose petals that feels (and looks) strangely like jam! Although initially your mind goes straight to 'how could jam possibly be good for my face' as soon as you put it on you can feel it working it's magic. For me it gives a cooling, tingly feel whilst it is on my skin, but it is pleasant & smells wonderful. After leaving on for 5-10 minutes I remove the mask with a warm flannel and can immediately feel that my skin is more plump & hydrated. I had a quick browse of the Fresh website and they claim 93% of testers felt their skin was moisturised, softened, smoothed and soothed, and I would definitely agree.

Next up we have the Sugar Face Polish, if it's radiance you are after this is the product for you. The polish is made of brown sugar, wild strawberries and plum seed oil. First you gently massage over you skin, let it work its magic for about 5-10 minutes then rinse with warm water. I use this about once a week as my skin doesn't need any more exfoliation than that but you could use this 3-4 times a week depending on your skins needs.

I've saved the best until last. The Black Tea Instant perfecting mask. The name doesn't lie, it works wonders- again, an odd texture which I can only describe as something along the lines of mashed potato! Now bare with me, it's not as gross as it sounds! When you smooth this over your skin, the texture changes from whipped to slightly bitty in feeling, but once you've worked it over that quickly disappears. I leave on longer than the recommended time of 5-10 minutes (but hey, who doesn't), again wash it off with a warm cloth, and my skin is left with a glow that I have only ever seen from this product. When buying this in store, I was recommended to use this just before a big occasion, like a wedding or an event as it works to create a perfected base, essential for when you want to look your best. 

Shop this post:

I picked this set up at a fraction of the full sized pots, so keep your eyes out for their great gift sets throughout different seasons!

Have you tried any Fresh products? What were your thoughts on them? I'd love to hear your feedback!

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ASOS wish lists, those wonderful, inspiring, long lists of items you just cannot afford. But hey, a girl can dream right!? With the change in season to Spring, I am wishing after the neutral and pastel tones. 
What are you wishing after this season?

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Elemis: Clean, simple & effective. 

Just how a science led, results driven, and naturally sourced skincare brand should be. A brand that has completely transformed my once blemished, red & texturised skin into something a lot more manageable.

I first discovered the Elemis Pro-Radiance Cream cleanser, probably well over 2 years ago now when my Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser ran out, and I will never look back. Since then, I have picked up so many of their other products and have become even more obsessed. My skin is a balancing act, constantly teetering on the edge of blemishes and redness that will take weeks to fix, so for me sticking to a routine is paramount #ELEMISeveryday.

Here is a review of my current line up.

I use this in the evening to remove my all my makeup, and in the mornings to remove that overnight grime.  I apply a small amount to my fingers then massage it onto dry skin, following it with a nice warm flannel to remove all of the product from my face. I find this cleanser is gentle enough for removing my eye makeup and it actually does a really good job without much effort. A simple, but well formulated, all round cleanser. 

Both of these promise to effectively tone and maintain pH of skin. I use the Apricot Toner in the morning with a quick swipe over my face after cleansing. I save the Lavender Toner for my evening routine as it feels slightly harsher on my skin and I don't want to aggravate my skin before makeup application. During the winter season I really notice the benefits of a toner, when your skin is subject to hot then cold, air con then wind chill. Although these feel like an extra to me (especially when I'm already in my pyjamas and totally ready for bed), I have noticed an improvement in the redness of my cheeks and I never have the horrible tightness left after many other toners I've tried. 

This is an ultra-light day cream which is made to provide continuous hydration and helps balance skin that is normal-combination. It has hyaluronic acid in which is known to lock in moisture and my skin really loves. I would recommend this for any of you who have slightly oily skin as it really helps to maintain balanced but moisturised skin. I don't ever get the 'my face is too tight' feeling with this which I have before with other light moisturisers.

Want to wake up with supple skin? Well look no further, this cream helps to nourish stressed and tired skin so you wake up looking great come morning. I had a quick read up and this contains Persian Silk tree extract which helps reduce signs of fatigue, whilst the Hyaluronic Acid provides regular hydration. Big thumbs up from me.

Longest name for a moisturiser ever!? I have this in a tester size from a Christmas gift set, and it definitely lives up to the ultra rich name. Which I think it why I like it as it's such a contrast from the day cream. Sometimes my skin just needs a little more moisture, so I end up using this about 2 or 3 times a week as a layer on top of the hydra-balance day cream. It is however super pricey in full size and therefore I'm not sure i'll be re-purchasing any time soon. I do have another tester on stand-by though!! 

If any of you are looking for some new skincare I would seriously recommend checking out Elemis. The brand has truly transformed my skin and I couldn't recommend it enough. I'm currently saving up to visit their spa in London called House of Elemis to treat myself to a facial!

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Hang on a  minute, HOW is it March already!?

I should have written this post back on January 1st, but hey sometimes you just need a break (probably not a 2 month break... but I got stuck in a rut ok!?). I've been a bit lacking in the inspiration department in the early months of 2017, so lets start slowly with a March goals list.  The days are getting longer, the sun is peaking out a little bit more and spring is on its way! Happy days.

01. Get back on the blogging content! I've managed to keep up my Instagram (mainly), but clearly the blog has suffered. It's time to get that inspiration flowing and my fingers tapping again. 
02. Push myself. Summer is just around the corner, I'd like to start hitting some goals this month fitness wise. I'm booked onto boot camp next Saturday (oh god), and I'd like to make sure I go for a run at least twice a week.
03. Partying hard! One of my besties is getting married next month (eek!) and it's her hen-do at the end of the month. Excitement is on another level! I can't tell you anything more in case she sees it, but it's going to be a good'un. 
04. Read a book or two. I've just had 'Everything, Everything' by Nicola Yoon dropped on my doorstep by the wonders of Amazon Prime, perfect timing for a cosy Sunday afternoon read. Rather than spending hours on my phone on my commute, I'm sure my brain would much rather a good book to get stuck in to!

I love it when I feel a bit more inspired and motivated and I think setting goals really helps push that forward.

What are you up to this month?
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