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Tuesday, 23 February 2016


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I thought a little advice post might be nice seeing as I'm still trying to remain productive and positive following on from the new year! Motivation is something I often struggle with, I go through highs of wanting to get everything completed (see my new years post!) and lows of not really being bothered about anything. The following are a few things I've found help me stay more towards the high than the low. 

1. Set goals 
I always start with great big goals that seem so far in the future I don't need to make any changes yet to achieve them, this is great to have the end goal aim but you need to break them down to goals more achievable in the short term. At the beginning of each month I write down my goals (they can be anything from being work related to health to something I'd just like to get done) and underneath make a list of 2 or 3 smaller steps I need to complete to make them happen. 

2. Prioritise 
This mainly applies to me when at work, I'm definitely the kind of person who does all the fun/least stressful things first then panics about the big project due in a few weeks/days. I've started blocking out time in my diary from 9-11 to just make a start on the big projects! By 11am I'm feeling much more positive about the day and ready to take on the little tasks, or even continue with the projects as I've got so into it! 

3. Keep track 
Keeping track of your progress can be really motivational, especially when related to fitness and health. At the moment I'm using myfitnesspal to track my weight and using the progress graph to see how far I've come. Seeing a photo of myself even just a few weeks ago makes me realise I have made positive changes (even if I have to look really closely). 

4. Make goals attainable 
Don't set yourself a goal to get that project finished by 4pm when deep down you know that's not possible with the amount of work it will involve. Setting the bar too high can put you off from working on things so set them at levels which are attainable and reachable. 

5. Music 
If I'm having a bad day, putting on Spotify with my favourite tunes cheers me right up. Justin Bieber may not be everyone's cup of tea but if his songs make me happy and want to dance, then I'm going to listen! The way I make sure I always have a mood booster around is by downloading my playlists on Spotify to my phone and always keeping headphones in my handbag. Whether at work or on the go I can just pop them on and I'm immediately feeling better. 

Do you have any tips? What do you do to stay motivated? I'd love to know! 

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