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Wednesday, 13 July 2016


I have recently had quite a few questions into my Instagram inbox on how I edit my Instagram photos and how I keep them looking sharp and to a similar theme. So I though what better than typing a little blog post up about exactly how I do it.

Keeping my Instagram theme has never been easier since VSCO. I chose my filters, and I literally copy and paste them onto each photo each time- simple! It's finding inspiration and locations to actually take the photos that is a little more difficult. 

On VSCO the filters I use are:
Preset HB1 (+12)
Exposure +1
Contrast 0
Clarity +3
Sharpen +2
Saturation +1
Tint +2
Temperature 0

As i mentioned before, I copy these edits from a previously edited photo & quickly paste them onto the new one. It saves so much time and ensures all of my photos remain looking the same.

If the photo needs a little more touching up, the next app I use is FaceTune. This has a few handy features like smoothing and retouching. Whitening is what I use it for though- to maintain nice white backgrounds (and sometimes make my teeth look a little brighter... no shame here!)

Keep scrolling and you'll see an example of a photo I took on my iPhone 6s, and what it looks like after applying my filters & a little whitening.

 How do you edit your photos?

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