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Wednesday, 17 August 2016


A life changing moment 

It's like the apocalypse outside. It's dark, fires are raging and you're terrified but staying calm. It's moments like these that make you realise you are stronger than you ever imagined. 

Last week our family holiday turned from fun to your worst nightmare, we were in Madeira when the wild fires hit. Fires were spreading around the villa and we had to use wet tea towels and flannels to breathe through as the smoke was so thick. Our parents were stuck in the airport having a nightmare of their own not only not able to get to their children but also having tried to land in Madeira the day before but were turned round due to weather conditions. We ended up evacuating having soaked the house with water to try to fend off the fire and made our way to the sea, where thankfully there was a taxi around and made our way to sleep in the airport over night. 

All was fine in the villa and we made our way back in the morning to a thankfully unscathed property and belongings. However, not all were so lucky. We met a family in the airport who were evacuated from their hotel further up the mountain and didn't even have a chance to grab their passports so were dealing with the worry of how to get home. The locals homes, so many were destroyed and will now be rebuilding their lives whilst we can fly back home unscathed other than the memories. 

It was the most terrifying night of my life and I'm so proud of how well we coped. 

It's events like these, where you actually live the things you read about in the news, that shows your true colours. I am SO proud of my sisters and our boyfriends on how we coped with that night. A group of 20 something's with realistically very little life experience, and we survived all on our own. We made all the right decisions, used our initiative and successfully protected the house to get out at a time where we weren't in immediate danger of leaving. Obviously there were some arguments along the way, the heightened anxiety in the house made that inevitable, but we did it. 

I don't want any of you readers to ever be in this situation, or anything like this at all. But understand, that when you need to, you will be strong enough to to deal with anything the world throws at you, how little or small. Stay brave. 

You are capable of anything.

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