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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Nars Steven Klein holiday collection || InTheFrow meet up

Around a month ago I got the opportunity to meet Victoria from InThe Frow at her meet up hosted by Nars. I took the tube from work into Soho where, on a little side street, I found the Nars pop up shop. It was my first time at a blogger/YouTuber meet up and I *loved* it. It was so nice to meet new faces and talk about what other blogs we love. In my usual day to day world I don’t get to do these things so it was an exciting change!

Sipping mocktails and having makeovers by Nars makeup artists, Victoria sauntered around chatting to each of us individually (looking stunning by the way). I have to admit, I was quite nervous about meeting her! She made us all feel really welcome though and was just so chatty! We talked about her life as a lecturer, finding common ground in studying ‘up north’. The whole experience was laid back and chilled, and the other girls there were so nice! At the time it really inspired me to start blogging having always wanted to take it up- I’ve just had a little bit of writers block from putting so much pressure on myself to get my first proper post right (hence the delay!) plus technical issues with photo uploading.

At the event, we were given a goody bag filled with Nars treats. Inside was a blusher (In shade ‘Orgasm‘), a Lip Pencil (Dolche Vita– amaaazing), Audacious Mascara and Nars Skin optimal brightening concentrate. The mascara creates unparalleled volume, I love this stuff! But my all time favourite would be the Dolce Vita lip pencil. It suits my skin tone so well, and I find it perfect for both day and night. The formula on this pencil is divine, it just glides on, and unlike most other lip pencils/crayons it doesn’t dry out my lips. Instead, they feel smooth and totally moisturised. Plus, the staying power is WOW. I will definitely be picking up another one of these in a different shade some time soon.
At the venue we had the lucky chance to see the whole Steven Klein collection up close. My all time favourite products from the collection were these little miniature lipsticks- Killer Heels Mini Lipstick Set. Coming in a pack of 5, it was too cute to not pick up! At only £29 I felt it was a bargain when my treasured Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks would be £23 for one. Plus, being so mini was perfect for me, as really, who finishes a lipstick! They are perfect for my handbag, especially the lighter shades ‘Little Darling’ and ‘Mayflower’.
The lipsticks themselves are very pigmented with a lot of staying power. The darker shades do however seem to dry my lips out a bit as they are matte in texture. I’ve found the best way to combat this is to just apply my Chanel Rouge Coco Baume before applying the lipstick, this keeps my lips moisturized but also provides a good base for any lipstick. The below photo is of my all time favourite out of the set, in Joyous Red.
Thank you Victoria for hosting such a lovely evening, and inspiring me to start writing!
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