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Wednesday, 20 July 2016


 How to overcome that blogging rut

I’m over it!

I have been M.I.A for quite some time now, feeling uninspired and quite frankly too bummed out to think of anything interesting to say. 
Having had some time to think, with a relaxing holiday thrown into the mix, i’ve managed to pull myself out of that funk and am back and here to stay. This brings me to my first tip:

Take Time Out
Working a full time job, commuting, life stresses and then juggling a blog on top of things can be pretty overwhelming. Especially when you’re like me and put huge amounts of pressure on yourself to be at the top of your game, and it just isn't working. Taking time out is essentail, re-charge the batteries and I promise you will come back refreshed and raring to go. Now, I wouldn’t recommend an extended hiatus like myself, that was just far too long and I really have no excuse, but for a few days it’s totally ok.

Despite feeling uninspired to actually write the posts, I have spent this break noting down post titles, and obviously continuing to read the many many blogs I follow. On my flight to Crete the other week I managed to get 13 posts drafted in note format (granted they didn't save and I lost every last one of them) just from reading through my emails. Its crazy how many exciting things there are out there to spark your imagination. 

Keep a journal
I’m a stationary fantatic, no shame in admitting it. A leather bound notebook and a beautiful pen is enough of an inspiration for me, you just have to remember to keep it in your handbag Katie…
Keeping a notebook handy is essential for those on the go, keeping track of spontaneous ideas that pop into your head, keeping to do lists. Its all about the organisation.

Change your environment
Having been away I feel fully refreshed and ready to go. Being in a new environment gives you different things to see, places to meet and with that comes ideas. It doesn’t have to be another country (although a hot, sandy place does help!) it could just be taking your laptop to your local cafe and working from there for a few hours. Find your cosy spot and get typing!

What tips do you have? Have you ever experienced the dreaded writers block before?

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