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Sunday, 24 July 2016


Places to visit in Boston if you only have 24 hours

I am one very lucky person, and get to visit Boston twice a year with work. Other than the obvious perks of this, I try to take a day of holiday at the end to just explore this beautiful city! Being a lone traveller on these trips, I often find myself wanting to talk to someone about what I see and enjoy it with someone- I would be useless at travelling on my own! Here are a few snaps (or maybe not just a few!!) and a bit of a blog on what I got up to!

Be prepared for far too many photos!

The Harbour
This has to be my favourite area of the city, the views are stunning! Our office has this view, dreamy! Its the perfect space to have a bit of alone time, collect your thoughts & take it all in. There is a lovely board walk around the harbour area so you can explore it really easily.

I was lucky enough to stay at the Intercontinental Boston (that glass hotel in the centre of the image above). This hotel was AMAZING. So luxurious. They had lovely little touches like putting a chocolate on your pillow at bed time which had sleeping herbal remedies in it! My room unfortunately didn't have a view, but I had the most luxurious bathroom. It was however quite dark so I didn't manage to get any photos. 

Freedom Trail
Obviously one of the most iconic things to do in Boston is the freedom Trail. I didn't follow it properly, but its a great way to explore either way. 

Boston Common & Public Garden
This area is a green space in the centre of the city, where you can grab some thinking space in the middle of the hustle and bustle. Surrounding the park are high rise buildings, I love the contrast!

Faneuil Hall
Great for food & shopping as well as a bit of culture. This is a must see area in Boston, and I have been back time and time again. Another great bit for shopping (you know... Sephora!!) is the Prudential centre but that isn't so pretty for photos!

Newbury Street
I'm not sure where this reminds me of, but I feel totally at home on this street. Line and lines of designer shops, so it's not like I can afford the majority of it, but its a wonderful place all the same. very 'old english' style. 

Finally, before I go back to the airport (always take the evening flight so you can *sleep* and try to stop the jet lag hitting you on return) I try to go back to sit by the harbour and relax.

Do any of you live in Boston? Where would you recommend for my next trip?

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